Beacoland is a trust-based server with an awesome friendly adult community!

As a trust-based community, we don't need land claims – your builds are safe with CoreProtect, a dedicated staff team, and an awesome friendly community of active and mature players! (18+)

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The Beacoland Awards

20:51 duration

Beacoland Shopping District
Beacoland Shopping District

Create your own shop in our Shopping District!

Experience a diamond-based economy with minimum prices, and build your dream shop by purchasing one of our various shop licenses.

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Experience the best of enhanced vanilla gameplay!

Beacoland offers vanilla gameplay with only a few added extras to improve performance, and to add unique quality of life changes, such as (but not limited to): Automatic Chests / Inventories, Better Mending, Player Heads & Mini Blocks, Sitting, Laying & Crawling and more!

Beacoland Shopping District
Beacoland Shopping District
Beacoland Shopping District

Become an active part of our Discord community!

Discord is an essential part of the Beacoland community – it's our go-to platform for communication, updates, and more. You'll also need to join and link your account to be able to access our Minecraft server.