About Beacoland

Beacoland is a 1.17+ Hermitcraft-like survival Minecraft server. We are ‘semi vanilla' with just a few added extras to improve performance, safety, and player experience. These extras include OnePlayerSleep, Mob & Player heads, and a co-ordinates hub. We believe we are the closest you will find to vanilla whilst still maintaining anti-grief/theft alongside server optimisation. Builds and items are made safe by CoreProtect but beyond this, there are no plugins that affect gameplay, such as /tp, /spawn, or /home. At the time of writing, we currently have over 100+ heavily active players, with more joining every day!

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Active & Mature Players

Beacoland is a 18+ whitelisted Minecraft server that has a active and mature player base with on average 20+ players online at most times.

Dedicated Server

We use a Intel Xeon-E 2288G - 64GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz - 2x SSD NVMe 960GB Enterprise Class Soft RAID Intel, 1gbps uplink, and DDoS Protection all on a Ubuntu 64-Bit Linux dedicated server.

Dedicated Staff Team

We have a friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated team of staff who are always on hand if you have any questions or problems. Feel at ease knowing you're in good hands!

Join our Discord!

Discord is our main form of communication. Here you can find a bunch of helpful information like our rules, scheduled events, changes to the server and so much more!