Shopping Rules & Guidelines

1. You must have an Individual or Group Shop Licence

There are 6 custom mobs that offer shop licences. 3 in the cave market and 3 near the harbour plots, both are easily accessible when coming through either of the nether portals.

• Middle Mod (Warden): Sells shop Licenses A, B and C to players (Buying a shop)

• Left Mob (Allay): Buys Shop licenses A, B and C from players (Selling shop for refunded price)

• Right Mob (Allay): Allows Shop Upgrades, example; Adding License C + 48 Diamonds = License A

2. Shop Validation

Display one of the above licences in an item frame in front of the shop at all times. Declare who owns the shop by writing your name(s) on a sign.

3. Pay for what you use:

Pass Type Size Price Required Players Allowed Plots
Group A <39² 156D 13+ 1
Group B <33² 132D 9 - 12 1
Group C <27² 108D 5 - 8 1
Individual Band A <21² 84D 1+ Up to the land value of 96D
Individual Band B <15² 60D 1+ Up to the land value of 96D
Individual Band C <9² 36D 1+ Up to the land value of 96D
Stall Large 12D 1+ Up to the land value of 96D. Only 1 stall per person. Subject to availability.
Stall Small (Water Float) Free 1+ 1 per person. Subject to availability. Cannot be owned if you already own a large stall.

D = Diamond

The land value of 96D is equivalent to the following:

• 1 Individual A + 1 Stall
• 1 Individual B + 1 Individual C

4. Keep within the plot limits

• You can only build 23 blocks high above the surface and 23 below!
• The “Plots” work by square as well as Volume. For example, a 21x21 plot = 441 blocks and a 30 x 9 plot = 270 blocks which both fit under an Individual “Band A” Licence.

Here is a calculator to help you work your shop size:

5. Be considerate with space & the positioning of your shop

6. Follow the minimum prices - See here

7. Shops are only allowed in the allocated location(s) nowhere else

8. After purchasing your plot, you must open it within 7 days.

9. If you are inactive for 14+ days, your shop will be removed.

If you plan on being away for longer than 14 days, please notify a staff member. We are happy to extend the inactivity time by 7 days or the equivalent of your vacation within reason.

10. Shop designs do not need to follow any theme but must not be an eyesore. We reserve the right to ask for a redesign.

11. If you get banned, you will lose your plot.

12. Stalls

Since stalls are rented rather than built, we do not allow modifications of the actual stall. You can however add/modify the following:

Banners, Posters, Item Frames, Signs, Chests, Barrels, Lighting, Armour Stands, Mini-blocks and/or Heads.

You cannot modify the Wool, Wood, Fences, Walls or Flooring.

Staff reserve the right to remove any shop that breaks these rules. If your shop is removed open a ticket on discord to retrieve them. We do not refund the diamonds from any shop removed/left.

Reselling Plot(s)

After a period of time, you may wish to resell/give up your area. You can only resell your area back to the server and not to other players. You can transfer the shops' owner free of charge but if you wish, you can sell it back to us minus a 25% community tax. This tax is taken due to you already using the area for profit and/or holding the plot for a period of time. With the tax fee, the buyback prices are as followed: 
  • Group A - 117D
  • Group B - 99D
  • Group C - 81D
  • Band A - 63D
  • Band B - 45D
  • Band C - 27D
  • Market Stall - 9D