Skyblock Commands

/is Opens the main Island GUI

/is bank Opens the Island bank

/is blockvalues  – Shows the values of blocks

/is boostersOpens the Island booster GUI

/is borderChanges the Island’s border color

/is createShows the Island creation GUI

/is delete [island]Deletes the Island

/is delwarpDeletes an Island warp

/is demoteDemotes a member of the Island.

/is depositDeposits into the Island bank

/is editwarpEdits an Island warp

/is homeTeleports to the Island home

/is infoShows information about the current Island

/is inviteInvites a player to join the Island

/is joinJoins an island

/is kickKicks a player from the Island

/is leaveLeave the Island

/is level or /is experience – Displays island level / experience

/is membersView the Island members

/is missionsView the Island missions

/is permissionsEdit the Island members’ permissions

/is privateMakes the Island private

/is promotePromotes an island member

/is publicMakes the Island public

/is rewardsOpens the Island reward GUI

/is setwarpCreates an Island warp

/is shop – Open the Island Shop

/is topDisplays the top Islands

/is transferTransfers Island ownership to another player

/is trustView the trusted members

/is uninviteRevokes an invitation to the Island

/is untrustRemoves a player from the list of trusted players

/is upgradesOpens the Island upgrades GUI

/is valueShows the Island value

/is visitVisits another player’s Island

/is warpOpens the Island warps GUI

/is withdrawWithdraws from the Island bank