What is the server IP?

You can join both the Survival Server and the Creative Server by using the following IP:


To switch between Survival and Creative, use the following commands:

/server survival
/server creative

Or, do /help and click on the appropriate blocks!

What is the render distance?

We have an adaptive render distances system which means that the render distance will constantly adjust itself based on how the server is performing!

Minimum View Distance: 4
Minimum No Tick View Distance: 2
Total Minimum Visible Render Distance: 6

Maximum View Distance: 10
Maximum No Tick View Distance: 10
Total Maximum Visible Render Distance: 20

Giving us a render distance range of 6 to 20 depending on performance.

What are the server's specs?

We use an Intel Xeon-E 2288G – 64GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz – 2x SSD NVMe 960GB Enterprise-Class Soft RAID Intel, 1gbps uplink, and DDoS Protection all on a Ubuntu 64-Bit Linux dedicated server.

When was the server started?

The server was started on 24th June 2020 with just 6 members as a private server. The server was then opened to the public on 9th August 2020.

How many people play on Beacoland?

At the time of writing this, we have a community of 1000+ on discord with players from 20+ countries! We started Season 2 with 90 players online and we have about 25+ players at quiet times, 60+ at peak times, and 80+ when we host events! Averaging around 40+ players online most of the time!

*Accurate at the time of writing this.

Is fire spread on or off?

Fire spread is off. This gives your builds that little extra security and allows you to get creative with lava and fire!

What is sleeping like on Beacoland?

We use a player sleep percentage to manage our sleep. The percentage is currently set to 10% and doesn’t include AFK players. This means it only requires a hand full of players to sleep away the night but also provides the opportunity for players to request that we don’t sleep. If you’re worried about the night, at the moment 9/10 nights are skipped unless a player has requested it and our community is nice enough to offer that opportunity!

Can I take stuff from the starter hut when I die?

Yes. The starter hut is to help players get up and running, if you are struggling please take whatever you need! Just be reasonable and once you are on your feet, maybe consider helping stock it for other players to use?

Are there claims and how do they work?

We use a trust-based system. This means there are no claims, we trust our players to be respectful to the server and other players. Players who do not comply with this will be banned.

Are there /warp commands?

No, we try to keep things as vanilla as possible.