Overworld to Nether Portal Calculator

Nether to Overworld Portal Calculator


How to correctly set up a nether portal using our nether portal calculator.

  1. Build the frame of the portal in the Overworld at your desired location without lighting it.
  2. Step into the frame and find the coordinates (X Z) of the frame on the F3 screen. Remember the direction you’re facing when you’re walking into the portal as well. (We’ll use this for getting a smooth transition between the Overworld and the Nether).
  3. Enter the X and Z you got in step 2 into the calculator.
  4. The Nether coordinates of the portal will appear on the right.
  5. Finish the portal by lighting it and go through it.
  6. Go to the exact coordinates you got in step 3.
  7. Replace the block you are standing on with an obsidian block.
  8. Face the same direction you got in step 2 using the F3 screen.
  9. Replace another block in the floor to your left or right with an obsidian block. You have now built the base of your new Nether portal.
  10. Build the rest of the Nether portal and light it.
  11. Go back to the Nether portal you first came through, and destroy/disable it.
  12. Go back to the Overworld through your newly build Nether portal.
  13. You should now have correctly linked your Nether portals.