How to install:

1. Download our Minecraft mod pack

2. Extract the contents of the .zip folder

3. Navigate to your mods folder:

  • Windows key + r
  • \.minecraft
  • \mods

4. Place all files in your mods folder
if you don’t have a mods folder make one called “mods”

Skip steps 5 - 6 if you already have a fabric launcher installed

5. Run the latest fabric-installer-X.X.X.X.exe

6. Install the latest version

7. Relaunch Minecraft and you should be good to go!

Version 1.19 - Updated: 22nd July 2022

BLMP-1.19.1-Optifine - Coming Soon!

Version 1.19.1 - Waiting on Optifine Update

BLMP-1.19.1-Quilt - Coming soon!

Version 1.19

Version 1.19 - Updated: 22nd July 2022

Version 1.19 - Updated: 22nd July 2022

Version 1.18.2

Version 1.18.2

Mods included: Fabric, Fabric API, Malilib, ModMenu, ShulkerBoxToolTip, Litematica, Bobby, SimpleVoiceChat, and a few mods to help boost your FPS! 

Add our Minecraft mod pack at your own risk. We do not develop any of the mods in this mod pack and take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong. We simply want to help you and offer this as a convivence.

Getting a "ran out of memory" error? Due to the amount of mods in this pack, you should consider allocating more RAM to Minecraft. Find out how here:

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