Shopping Rules & Guidelines

The shopping rules are a little different for the Kingdom server compared to the Survival server. The following rules apply:

1. Follow the minimum prices - See here

2. Each "Kingdom" can only sell up to 3 item types. One item from each of the 3 tiers.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Diamond / Netherite Armour Golden Carrots Dye
Diamond / Netherite Weapons Rockets Common Mobdrops
Diamond / Netherite Tools Redstone / Redstone Components Animals
Netherite (all types) Slime & Honey Crops
Elytra Other Armour Ores (excluding redstone)
Potions Farmable Music Discs Other Food
Enchanted Golden Apples Totems Foliage
Echo Shards Special Mob Drops (scute, ghast tear, nautilus shell) Flowers
Enchanted Books Goat Horns Common Blocks (cobble, andersite, diorite, ect)
Nether Star / Beacons / Wither Skulls Uncommon Blocks (prismarine, amathyst, ect) Glass
Rare None-Farmable Blocks Wool
Pigstep Music Disc Decorative Blocks (candles, lanterns, campfires, ect)

Think we missed something? Let us know and we can add it to one of the tiers.

3. Sell items from a dedicated location in or around your base.

4. Use the #kingdom-shops tab on our Discord server to promote your shop

Staff reserve the right to stop sales or remove shops that breaks these rules.