Player Rules

1. Treat other players and staff with respect

We have a 0-tolerance hate-speech policy. Any derogatory terms, slurs, toxicity, or harassment of any kind that are used in public communications, whether they are directed at a person or not, will result in a ban. This includes usernames with blatant disrespect towards others and racist connotations.

2. No Griefing

No griefing of any kind, including (but not limited to) altering other player's builds, base, or anything else on the server that is not yours. All builds are private unless marked otherwise.

3. No Stealing

We are still a trust-based server and do not use land or chest claims. Do not take items from other peoples chests, farms, shops or anything else that isn't marked "free" or "free to take". If someone is snooping around your base and falls into one of your boobytraps, you may keep their items - this is the only exception.

4. Hacking & Mods

Hacked clients, x-ray, or related texture packs, flying, abusing the server seed, or using questionable mods to gain a personal, unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. You can find a list of preapproved mods and clients here:

5. No Duping (including TNT)

No duplication of any item is allowed.

6. Consent based PVP

For the majority of this season, PVP is consent based. Only at the end of the season (once announced) will it be possible to kill people randomly. If someone is attempting to gain entry to your base (suspiciously), this is grounds for self defense.

7. Spamming & Advertising

If you spam you will be warned to stop and if you don't stop you will be punished. Advertising other servers no matter how big or small is not allowed. You are free to post links to YouTube, Imgur, Reddit, Facebook, or whatever else but do not advertise other servers in any way, shape, or form.

8. Staff have the final say

The Rules are in place to make the server and community a safe, stable, and welcoming place. Anything disrupting that will be dealt with at the staff’s discretion.

Global Rules

9. English only in the Global Chat

As the majority of players are English speaking and some of the staff team only speak English, we wouldn't know what you're saying in other languages, English is the only language allowed in the public chat. You may use your own language to others in private messages or local chat(/l).

10. Build outside of 500 square block spawn radius

This includes no mining, breaking trees, or anything inside the radius. Everyone can build at spawn with permission if builds are lag-free and server-friendly.

11. Don't build close to people

Build at least 50+ blocks away from other bases unless given permission.

12. Nether Portal Rules

• Nether tunnels may be up to 9 blocks wide, including the walls.
• Nether tunnels must be constructed between the pillars of the main tunnel.
• All tunnels must not disrupt players from riding a boat on the ice paths, this means they should start with a slabbed floor entrance. (or other similar blocks)
• All tunnels must be labeled with their resident.

13. The End Island

No obsidian platform mining. The end island is public and therefore no builds or farms are allowed without staff approval.

Lag Efficiency Rules

14. Villagers & Villager Halls

Breeders and halls must be 6+ chunks away from your base, farms, structures and 6+ chunks away from each other. 30 villagers max per hall and 3 villagers max for your breeder. Villagers in halls must be in a 1×1 cell. Villagers should not get constantly loaded, reducing the number of villagers actively being loaded on the server is currently one of the most important means of reducing lag. Building your villager trading hall in unloaded chunks and only going there when you need to trade will help increase the TPS drastically.

15. Separate large laggier farms

When building farms, do not stack multiple large farms. Having a big farm and a couple of small farms nearby is fine but having multiple big laggy farms all within render distance of your AFK spot causes a lot of lag with no way to get rid of it. Examples of large farms: Tree Farm, Super Smelter, Iron Farm, Stacked Melon/Pumpkin Farm, and more. If you're not sure, ask a member of staff.

16. Gold & XP Nether Portal Farms

Gold & XP farms that are made using nether portals can be a maximum of eight 23x23x23 portal modules (8 x 23 portals that are 23 high and 23 wide). Or, for other designs, you may have a max of 82k blocks in your portal frames.

17. Chunk Loaders

Chunk loaders are only allowed if staff are aware of them, if they have an off switch, if they are spread out and if multiple loaders are not turned on at once. Only use them when you need them.

18. AFK-ing

AFK-ing is not allowed at public farms. You can AFK at private farms if the farms are lag-friendly. If it’s thought that your farms are causing the server to lag, you may be kicked from the game, even if this is to test the cause.

19. Entity Cramming

Entity cramming is strictly prohibited. Entity cramming causes a lot of unnecessary lag on the server, therefore it is not an acceptable way to kill mobs.

20. Raid Farms

Stacked raid farms are strictly prohibited. Regular raid farms are fine but stacking them causes a lot of unnecessary lag on the server.

Think us before me

We all play a role when it comes to server performance, if the server is performing well then we all can enjoy it!