AutoChests & AutoInventories

/autosort chest – Turn on automatic chest sorting

/autosort inventory – Turn on automatic inventory sorting

/depositall  – Sends items in your inventory to a new nearby chest. You can also do this by shift + left clicking on a chest! (The chest must contain the item you wish to deposit)

/deposit – Toggles the shift + left click deposit feature

/refill – Toggles the automatic stack refill feature

To stop people automatically organising your chests, barrels, and shulkers, rename your chest *. This will also stop /depositall from depositing items into that chest.

Chat Commands

/w {player-name} {message} Start a conversation with another player.

/r {message} Reply to the last person you messaged or that messaged you.

/g – Switch to Global Chat – Talk to everyone on the server.

/l Switch to Local Chat – Talk to everyone in a 100 block radius.

/sg {message} – Send a message to Global Chat whilst you are in Local Chat.

/sl {message} Send a message to Local Chat whilst you are in Global Chat.

/mail new Start a sort of in-game email to send to offline players – Write your message in the book & quill it gives you and then name it.

/mail send {player-name} Send the email – This will send the book and quill to a player.

/mail inbox Check for any emails.

Durability Alert

/durabilityalert toggle Toggle an alert that tells you when your tools and gear’s durability is low.

/durabilityalert enchant Receive only warnings about enchanted tools and gear.

/durabilityalert status Check to see what your current alerts are and how they are set

Laying & Sitting

/lay Lay on the floor

/sit – Sit on the floor

You can also right-click blocks such as stairs & slabs and you will automatically sit in them as a chair!

Link & List Commands

/help – Shows a GUI with a bunch of helpful information
/map – Gives you the link to our Map.
/discord – Gives you the link to our Discord.
/donate – Gives you the link to our Donation page.
/color – Shows a list of the colour codes you can use on your signs, tools and more!
/colour – Shows a list of the colour codes you can use on your signs, tools and more!
/hud – Toggles a co-ordinates action bar.

Party Chat

/p {message} – Send a message to your party chat
/party create {name} – Create a party chat for you and your friends/team
/party delete {name} – Delete your party
/party invite {player-name} – Invite players to your party
/party kick {player-name} – Remove a player from your party
/party rename {party-name} {new-name} – Rename your party


/plan player {your-ign} – Check out a bunch of information about you and your account such as total playtime, player kills, deaths, sessions, and more!


/voteall – Gives you the links to the voting sites.
/voteshop – Opens our vote shop where you can spend your voting points.
/mini – Opens our mini-block shop where you can spend your mini-block tokens.

Every time you vote for our server, you receive a votepoint to use in our /voteshop and 1 mini token to spend on mini-blocks!

Toggle PVP

/pvp – Fight on your terms! Toggles PVP on and off


/tpsbar – Displays a TPS bossbar at the top of your screen so you can monitor the servers performance

Creative: Plots

/p claim – Claim Plot
/p merge – Merge claimed plots (Stand in 1 plot, face the second claimed plot and then do the command)
/p unlink – Unlink a merged plot
/p clear – Clear the plot
/p delete – Un-claim and delete your plot contents (You will need to /p confirm to confirm the reset)
/p trust <player> – Trust another player to build in your plot
/p untrust <player> – Un-trust a trusted member
/p visit <player> – Visit another players plot
/p setbiome <biome> – Change the biome of the plot