Spawn Castle, Overworld, 0/70/0

You spawn here when you join the server for the first time. In order to be able to start your adventure, you need to travel 500 blocks away from here, in any direction. In the castle, you will find a nether portal that will lead you to the nether roof, where you can find lots of places to visit and the portals to do so.


Spawn Castle 2nd floor, Overworld

Here you will find our public enchanter where you can enchant your gear, as well as our starter hut, where you can take some gear and items to get going. All of the items here are free but please be considerate.


Rules Board, Overworld,  -7/64/40

We are a trust-based server and we have some rules that everybody needs to follow in order to preserve an enjoyable gameplay experience, here you will find some of these rules.


Courthouse, Overworld 92/68/-92

Here you will find the courthouse where we occasionally hold meetings.


Shopping District, Nether, 0/130/0

On top of the nether roof, you will find our shopping district. Here you can buy plots to create your own shop or you can buy various items from other players’ shops. Diamonds are our currency. Here is a link to our shopping rules and guidelines.

In the Shopping District, you can also find the start of the 4 tunnels leading in 4 directions. North, South, East, and West.


Gaming District, Nether, -77/129/26

This is the portal leading to our Gaming District where you will find multiple games to play. These games are made by the members of the server and you can contact a member of staff for a plot if you would like to start your own. Here is a link to our Gaming District rules and guidelines.


Public sand mining area, Nether, 125/129/4

Located here is the portal that leads to our public sand mining area. You can use it at any time and if the area becomes empty then please let a member of staff know so we can refresh the area.


Public smelter, Nether, 125/130/-62

This is the portal leading to our public smelter. It is equipped with 1 large, 64 furnace area system and 2, 16 furnace area systems. If the fuel gets low please inform a member of staff.


Public Gold and XP farm, Nether, -100/129/25

Here you will find the portal to our public XP and gold farm. It is a nether portal-based piglin farm made by TWPbolang. AFKing here is not allowed.

Note: Please don’t hit the pigmen or the wither roses. Just sit in front of the killing chamber and you will gain XP.


End Portal, Nether, -206/130/95

This is the nether portal that leads to the public end room, containing the end portal. Going through the portal you will find behind you, the road that leads to our public Enderman farm. The pearls and heads are free for you to take and you can use the farm anytime you want. AFKing here is not allowed.


General Info

  1. We are a trust-based server. Please, show respect to the players, the staff team and respect the right to privacy. Griefing, cheating, and stealing are not allowed. Here is the link to our server rules.
  2. On your search to find a place to place, always remember to check for other bases around you and leave 200 blocks distance between their base and your own. They might need the space. You can use /map to open our server’s map.
  3. You can use /help to find some useful information about the server and the commands that we use. Here is a link where you can also find some commands.
  4. When you join the server you will have to secure your account with the 2-factor authentication system. Need help setting it up? Here is a guide.
  5. You can use the Beacoland Wiki and website to find more information about the server and you can join our discord server to stay up to date with our plans, changes, and announcements,  and also to chat with other members.


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