What Is The Beacoland Challenge?

The Beacoland Challenge is an in-game competition that allows players to both set fun challenges for other players and complete challenges themselves. Challenges can be based around digging, collecting, building or anything else a player can think of! In order to set a challenge for others, you must undertake one for yourself. Challenges can be completed just for fun or they can be submitted to collect points in order to win a prize at the end of each month! Once the leaderboard is reset, all players will be set back to zero!
Will you play for fun or fortune? The choice is yours!


What Are The Rules?

1. All Tasks MUST follow server rules!

2. No PvP Challenges whatsoever, whether directed at any player or player’s mobs (unless GIVEN consent – proof of consent may be requested by staff) challenges will be invalid. The only killing allowed is of unowned hostile mobs.

3. Add your name to your challenge (this allows for staff to monitor how many times a certain individual inputs tasks).

4. 3 task limit per real life day (this applies to both submissions and claiming challenges)

5. Proof/evidence of task completion is needed when competing for monthly prizes (please post in #the-beacoland-challenge tab on Discord for staff to verify).

6. All Tasks must be either a physical task (requiring action from a player) OR timed tasks for a maximum of 24h. (e.g: Do not use vowels in chat for 24h)

7. All tasks must be verified by staff. This is to ensure the integrity of the game remains and the field of play is fair (e.g: tasks asking a player to pick up a block will not be verified).

8. Interactive tasks are allowed, for example: Follow ItsBeaco for an entire day (No taking or breaking another individual’s blocks/items).

9. No duplicate tasks – inserting multiple of the same task will result in failed submissions and potentially disqualification.

10. You cannot only add tasks! The only time you can add a task is by claiming a verified task from the machine.

Disclaimer: Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification from the game (exercised at staff’s own discretion).


How Do I Get Involved?

Below is a short infomercial from our Social Media Admin, DeclanOMD.

To cover all bases, if you would prefer to read for yourself, the steps to get involved are as follows:

Step 1: Create a new challenge for another member, write it in a Book & Quill – do NOT sign the book.

Step 2: Throw the written book into the fire place.

(your challenge will then be approved or denied by staff so make it fun and not something silly – follow the rules above)

Step 3: Your own challenge will pop up through the floor, collect it and begin your completing it!

(if you’re doing a 1-off challenge you just need to know the above steps. However, if you want to compete with fellow server members to win a prize at the end of the month follow the next steps)

Step 4: Once your challenge is completed, post proof in #the-beacoland-challenge.

Step 5: Go to the locker room located inside the hill (there is a lever on the right that opens a door, go through and drop down the water chute).

Step 6: Name a “locker” and add your completed task to the top chest (staff will review this to make sure it has been completed and evidence has been provided).

If everything is the way it should be you will earn a point for each completed (and verified) challenge! The person with the most points at the end of the month will receive a diamond prize!

We would like to add a huge thank you to ItsBeaco and AimCombo for their work on the redstone mechanisms, the building and creation of the rule set for the game! Also thank you to CaptainChaos and DeclanOMD for helping dig/build and for the infomercial!
A final, big thank you to ChaoticMagpie and Trailbum, who’s original idea of ‘Beacoland Challenges’ with friends inspired this server-wide competition!


Any Questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to message a member of staff in game of via Discord! Your best points of contact are AimCombo and DeclanOMD.

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