Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II: What to expect next season!

With Beacoland Season 2 and 3 just around the corner for Beacoland and Junior Beacoland, we thought it would be best to inform you all of what it means for us, what’s new, and what you can expect! First of all, if you haven’t heard already, Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II (also known as 1.18) will be released on November 30! You can read about that here.


What does that mean for us?

Like most servers, we don’t use Minecraft’s default server jar, instead, we opt for a more optimised type of server; one such as forks for Bukkit. This means that once Caves & Cliffs Part II comes out, we will need to wait for Bukkit to update, then Spigot, then Paper, and so on. Last season this process took around 3-4 weeks to complete, but rest assured, we want the update just as much as you and will release Beacoland Season 3 as soon as possible!


What’s new?

  • Caves & Cliffs Part II Update!
  • Beacoland Map(s)!
  • Overworld Shopping District!
  • Discord / Minecraft Account Integration!
  • Custom Wandering Trader & Trader Announcer!
  • Lifetime Donor Ranks + New Donor Rank!
  • Vote Based Rank System!


Overworld Shopping District!

Due to popular demand, we have decided that this season, the shopping district will be in the Overworld, rather than our usual Nether Hub Shopping District! This will take effect on both Beacoland and Junior Beacoland. We are still working on exactly how this will look, but rules and guidelines will be released before the start of the new seasons.


Discord / Minecraft Account Integration

We have decided to remove the /2fa feature and make it so you are authenticated through your Discord account. You will need to link your Discord account to your Minecraft account before you can play. Here is a guide on how to do it: https://beacoland.com/wiki/discord-minecraft-integration/


Custom Wandering Trader & Trader Announcer!

This new feature will allow us to take control of Wandering Traders and what they offer. When a Trader spawns, if you are close by, you will see a message in chat saying “A trader has spawned!”. This gives you the heads up to go find them and see what they offer. This could be anything from the default options, up to mini-blocks but the possibilities are endless. If you have any suggestions; please comment below!


Lifetime Donor Rank!

Currently, donor ranks reset at the end of each season, but we have decided to make donor ranks, and all ranks for that fact, permanent! This means, if you donate, you will keep that role forever!

If you don’t already know, we have 6 tiers of donor rank. You do not need to buy them flat out. Every time you donate, the above tiers get discounted. Since a few of our members are already max tier, we have decided to add 1 final additional tier, the additional tier will be set to £200. This will feature a red [+] and the perks are still being decided, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on this, comment below or make a suggestion on our Discord!


Vote-Based Ranking System!

Finally, but quite possibly, our most exciting new feature is that we have introduced a vote-based ranking system! When you vote you receive vote points, when you have enough points, you’ll be able to /rankup and gain the following roles:

  • From Member to Explorer
    Cost: 200 total vote points (40 days of voting)
  • From Explorer to Adventurer
    Cost: 400 total vote points (80 days of voting)
  • From Adventurer to Veteran
    Cost 600 total vote points (120 days of voting)

These roles come with special perks that will be released at a later date and the roles will also be yours forever, so the vote total gives you something to work towards!


We hope you like the new features! Tell us what you think, comment below or start a discussion on our discord!

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