Beacoland is a semi-vanilla Hermitcraft-like server, but what does that mean?

For those of you who don’t know, Hermitcraft is one of the most popular survival multiplayer servers on Youtube and Twitch. They maintain a playstyle very close to vanilla, with only a few, slight modifications and have been creating content around this since 2012, making it the longest-running Minecraft SMP to date. It is a closed SMP, with players only being allowed to play via a direct invite from one or more of the current members of Hermitcraft.


Beacoland has been created to provide an experience like this, but with applications open to the public. We maintain the same semi-vanilla play style, with only a few quality of life mods used. These both improve the player experience through optimisation, and fun additions such as player heads. Much like Hermitcraft, Beacoland places a strong focus on community, with one of the key features being a huge player-trade market, known as the Shopping District (SD). This is our very own version of the shopping shown in Hermitcraft.


Beacoland has tried its best to recreate something like Hermitcraft that anyone can get involved with. A strong and friendly community focus alongside the semi-vanilla playstyle allows anyone and everyone to join in their own adventure, just like the Hermits.


Want to try it for yourself?

Check out our site over at – you can find our discord, staff team, wiki page, and moreover there!

Apply to join us through discord or visit and complete the form.

We hope to see you join our community and create your own adventure!