Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials Update: What to expect on Season 6 of Beacoland!

This article will talk about the new Minecraft update which released on June 13th, 2024. We’ll also go over what it means for us, what’s new, and what you can expect!


What’s New in the 1.21 Update?

Minecraft 1.21, Tricky Trials Update, will bring us new blocks, new mobs, new structures, and more! You can read all about the details here.

What Does the Update Mean for Beacoland?

Like most servers, we don’t use Minecraft’s default server jar. Instead, we opt for a more optimized and secure Bukkit fork. This means that now the Minecraft Tricky Trials update is out, we need to wait for Bukkit to update, then Spigot, then Paper, and so on. We will also have to wait for our plugins to update.

However, based on our experience over the last five seasons, we’ve decided that Beacoland Season 6 will launch on Friday, July 5th, at 6 PM BST!

Disclaimer: We will do everything in our power to commit to the above date. However, if the most recent server version at the time is beyond playable and/or there is no 1.21+ version of essential plugins like CoreProtect, we may have to postpone the launch date. Postponing would be the last option. We have a responsibility to keep you and your information safe, and we always strive to offer the best experience possible.

What’s New?

Below is what you can expect to be different and improved:


  • The Tricky Trials Update!
  • New World Map!
  • Nether Hub Shopping District!
  • Interactive Nether Hub Map
  • Vote Points Reset


  • New flat world with chunk claims

The creative server will reset on Wednesday, June 26th! As always, a world download will be provided.


  • New Hub World
  • Bug Fixes

Nether Hub Shopping District!

Many of you veterans might remember our Season 1 and Season 2 Nether Hub, which was located in the Nether.

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing back the Nether-based shopping district for the upcoming season! This return to the Nether will offer a unique and immersive shopping experience that we know you’ll love.

The new shopping district will be plot-based due to limited space, with licenses available to purchase shop spaces. Our MASSIVE Nether Hub will feature 124 plots, ensuring there’s plenty of room for all your favorite shops and new ventures. Get ready to explore, trade, and build in this massive, vibrant, and dynamic new market space!

Prepare for a new era of shopping in the Nether! This move promises to bring back the nostalgic feel of the early seasons while offering modern enhancements to make your shopping experience better than ever.

Explore the Nether Hub with Our Interactive Map!

To enhance your shopping experience in the Nether Hub, we’ve created an interactive map that shows all the available and taken shop plots throughout the shopping district. This map provides a brief description of what each shop sells, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to purchase a plot for your own shop or just want to explore the diverse offerings of our community, the interactive map is your go-to guide for navigating our massive 124-plot Nether Hub.

The map will be accessible through our website and we will provide a link closer to launch.

Vote Point Reset:

As announced recently, we will reset vote points and Beacoins for the new season. This reset aims to provide a fresh start for everyone, ensuring a level playing field. Additionally, we’re excited to streamline our system by combining Beacoins and vote points into one unified currency. This change will enhance the overall experience and prevent any issues like those encountered at the start of the last season, where some players received hundreds of diamonds, creating an unfair advantage. We believe this reset will lead to a fairer and more enjoyable season for all players.

Rest assured, all ranks earned in the previous season will be rolled over, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Anarchy Day:

You didn’t think we’d forget about Anarchy Day, did you? Survival will lock down late afternoon on Wednesday, June 26th, marking the last day of the season. Once locked down, we will back up the server and take copies to supply as world downloads. Anarchy Day will take place on Saturday, June 29th, at 6 PM BST. Survival will stay online for a minimum of 24 hours, so you can join at any point to blow up your base!

The only thing we ask on Anarchy Day is that you stick to public areas and your own base. Please do not attempt to destroy other people’s bases without asking first – some members may have special plans, and we want the event to be enjoyed by all.

Timeline Summary:

  • Creative Reset: Wednesday 26th June (Late Night UK Time)
  • Survival Ends: Wednesday 26th June (Late Night UK Time)
  • Survival Anarchy Day: Saturday 29th June at 6pm BST
  • Survival Season 6 Launch: Friday 5th July at 6pm BST

Thank you all for your continuous support. Tell us what you think, comment below or start a discussion on our Discord!

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