Minecraft 1.20 Tales & Trails Update: What to expect next season!

This article will talk about the new Minecraft update which released on June 7th 2023. We’ll also go over what it means for us, what’s new, and what you can expect!


What’s new in the 1.20 update?

Minecraft 1.20, Tales & Trails Update will bring us new blocks, new mobs, new biomes and more! Read about that here.

What does the update mean for Beacoland?

Like most servers, we don’t use Minecraft’s default server jar, instead, we opt for a more optimised and secure Bukkit fork. This means that now the new Minecraft Tales and Trails update is out, we need to wait for Bukkit to update, then Spigot, then Paper, and so on. We will also have to wait for our plugins to update. But, with that being said and based on our experience over the last 4 seasons, we’ve decided to launch the Season 5 of Beacoland on Saturday 15th July at 6pm BST!

Disclaimer: We will do everything in our power to commit to the above date, but, if the most recent server version at the time is beyond playable, and/or there is no 1.20+ version of some plugins like CoreProtect, we may have to postpone the launch date. Postponing would be the last option. We have a responsibility to keep you and your information safe and we always want to offer the best experience possible.

What’s new?

Below is what you can expect to be different and improved:


  • The Tales and Trails Update!
  • New world map!


  • New flat world with chunk claims

The creative server will reset on Friday 23rd June and as always, a world download will be available.


  • Tweaked Rank Colours
  • Vanilla Despawn Radius (Changing from 24-72 to 24-128)
  • Improved Discord x Minecraft Integration
  • Bug Fixes


New Donor Perk(s):

  • Emotes for Tier 3+
Beacoland Emotes

Anarchy Day (Survival):

You didn’t think we’d forget about Anarchy Day, did you? Survival will lockdown on Friday 23rd June, this will also be the last day of the seasons. Once locked down, we will back up the server and take copies to supply as world downloads. Anarchy Day will take place on Saturday 24th June at 6pm BST Survival will stay online for a minimum of 24 hours so you can join at any point to blow up your base!


The Kingdom Server:

The final building day of The Kingdom Server is Friday 30th June. Late Friday night, the server will be taken offline and backed up. Once the backup has been completed and verified, we will relaunch the server for War Week! Unlike Anarchy on Survival, all damage and fighting will be done in survival mode. Each Kingdom needs to set up a beacon and a loot chest within their stronghold and protect it against potential invaders! To keep things fun and fair, you can only attack a Kingdom if one or more of the Kingdom players are online. To make this possible and to make sure that more people are online at the same time, we are restricting the playing hours to 6pm while 9pm BST. This gives you 3 hours of valuable battling time every day! To recap, your Kingdom needs to do the following:

  • Setup a beacon in your Kingdom
  • Setup a loot chest in your Kingdom
  • Prepare your Kingdom to defend against attackers (maybe a few booby-traps?)
  • Be prepare for battle between 6pm and 9pm BST


Timeline Summary:

  • Creative Reset: Friday 23rd June (Late Friday Night (UK Time))
  • Survival Ends: Friday 23rd June (Late Friday Night (UK Time))
  • Survival Anarchy Day: Saturday 24th June at 6pm BST
  • Kingdom War Week: Saturday 1st July – Sunday 9th July. Starting at 6pm BST
  • Survival Season 5 Launch: Saturday 15th July at 6pm BST


Thank you all for your continuous support. I know this update could have and should have been a lot sooner, with all the snapshots, we expected the game a lot sooner but we know what to expect in the future! We hope you enjoyed playing on both The Kingdom and Skyblock Servers while you waited. We really can’t wait to get things rolling again and already have so much to look forward to!


Tell us what you think, comment below or start a discussion on our Discord!

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