Beacoland: The Kingdom “Mini” Update

We are excited to announce the launch of Beacoland: The Kingdom Update! As voted by the community, we are going to have a three-month-long season, which is shorter than usual, while we wait for the release of version 1.20. With it being a shorter season, now is the perfect time to have a little fun and try something different to mix up our gameplay. We asked you all to vote on ideas for the new season, and the votes were close between “Empire Style” and “Anarchy/War.” So, here’s the plan:

In the Beacoland: The Kingdom update, you can play alone or as a team, the idea is to create your own kingdom, sell & trade with other, and engage in epic battles! Please encourage others to join you and your team.

Each kingdom can only sell up to 3 item types, so you’ll need to visit other kingdoms to get everything you need. Trading and forming alliances with other kingdoms will be crucial to your success, as will building up your defenses and exploring the world.

For the first 2.5/3 months of the season, the gameplay will be relatively peaceful, and fights will only occur with the consent of both parties. However, in the final weeks of the season, raids and battles will be allowed. To ensure fairness, we will only allow attacks on players who are currently online.

All battles will take place in survival mode, so you’ll need to rely on your own skills and strategy to protect your kingdom and treasure. Each kingdom will also have the ability to set up traps to defend their territory.

The season will run until the 1.20 update is ready, which we estimate will take around 3 months. Once the 1.20 update is released, The Kingdom Update season will transition to anarchy and war until we are ready to launch the new season.

We can’t wait to see the kingdoms and alliances you’ll create during this season. Let’s make this a memorable experience for all!


How big is the map?

We want people to be a lot closer this season, we asked the community and decided that a 10k x 10k map would be best.

What does 3 types of items mean?

Here are examples of 3 types of items your kingdom could sell:

  • Example 1: Armor, Enchantment Books, and Rockets.
  • Example 2: Tools, Shulker Boxes, and Dyes

We will have a 3 stage tier list and you can only sell 1 type of item from each tier. This will keep things fair and hopefully make more things available instead of all kingdoms just selling Armor, Tools, and Elytra.

How many people can we have in a group?

We have not set a limit on this, we encourage you all to work with others and play together!

Do we have different rules to a normal BL season?

The rules will be adjusted to be more fitting for the current season but more information will follow in due course.

When will the new season start?

We will give you an official date as soon as possible, but it will be within the next 2 weeks!

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