Our Rules

1. Respect the server and its builds

- All builds are private unless marked otherwise.
- No griefing or altering of other players' builds without the owner’s consent.
- Repair any damage, accidental or not, caused by you or creepers/mobs as a result of your presence in any given area.
- Build at least 200 blocks away from other bases unless given permission

2. Do not steal

- ALL chests should be treated as private unless they are labelled FREE by the original owner.
- Don't take anything that isn't yours.

3. No cheating

- No duping, we only allow for TNT duping
- No machines to avoid the 1 hour AFK timer for non-donors
- No usage of hacked clients, x-ray or related texture packs, flying, abusing the server seed or using questionable mods to gain a personal, unfair advantage over other players. If you have questions about client-side mods that are allowed, ask a staff member, see #approved-mods or read our FAQ on our website https://beacoland.com/faq/

4. Treat other players and staff with respect

- We have a 0-tolerance hate-speech policy. Any derogatory terms, slurs, or harassment of any kind that are used in public communications, whether they are directed at a person or not, will result in a mute or ban depending on the severity of the comments and/ or actions. This includes usernames with blatant disrespect towards others and racist connotations.
- Do not be toxic, being toxic will result in a ban.
- No PvP unless mutually agreed upon.
- Intentional mute evasions will result in a ban.
- Staff has final say on all rules. The Rules are in place to make the server and community a safe, stable, and welcoming place. Anything disrupting that will be dealt with at the staff’s discretion.
- Do not advertise other servers or anything that does not relate to Beacoland

5. Be lag efficient

More information about this will be added next season but you can preview the current document here: https://beacoland.com/reduce-lag

The following behaviours may result in revoked privileges (including mutes):

- Advertising other servers or communities
- Hate speech, harassment, and stalking
- Spamming
- False tickets

Mute evasion and repeat offences will result in a ban. All bans and mutes can be appealed by contacting us through discord.

Please only speak English in the public chat, me and most of the staff only speak English fluently so we would not be able to efficiently moderate the chat if we do not understand what is being said. You can speak your own language in private chat if you wish.