Global & Common Questions

Yes, we use a plugin called Core Protect which checks every action such as block removal and container transactions. We can also use this plugin to rollback anything that has been done against the rules

100+ regular players, 20+ online most of the time.

No, only TNT duping is allowed. Check the rules

Fire spread is off

Yes we do have OnePlayerSleep

No –  We aim to be as close to vanilla as possible

/w [Player IGN] [Message] – Allows you to send private messages to a specific player, at any distance.
/r – Reply to the last person we whispered you
/mail – Opens up a list of commands you can use to send emails to other players when they are offline. They will get notified that they have received an email once they log in.
/ch – Opens up a list of the chat channels available for you to join.
/l – Join the local chat channel. Allows you to read messages and your messages to be visible from players in close proximity and not all the players in the server.
/g – Join the global chat channel. Allows you to talk to everyone in the game.
/color or /colour – Opens up a list of the color shortcuts you can use in the signs or names.
/afk – Sets your status to AFK mode. A similar indication will appear in your name in the tab list.
/hud – You can use it to enable / disable the coordinates HUD.
/vote – Opens up the voting GUI of URLs where you can find the voting websites.
/voteall – Opens up a list of URLs for the voting websites. Click on the URL of the website you want to vote, this will open the website that you want. Each website offers 1 diamond for each vote as a reward and reward points that you can use in the vote shop.
/votegui – Opens up the general voting GUI where you can see the top voters, choose the reward you want from the vote shop etc.
/discord – Gives you our server discord info.

4 ticking & 8 no ticking = 12 in total


Client sided Minecraft mods

Yes, but no automatic printing of any kind

Yes – If you use BLS Shaders be sure to send us the pictures, email: [email protected]
It just might make it on to our Instagram 🙂

No, if you do we will find you.


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