Donor Perks

By donating to the server, you also get a bunch of these aesthetic perks!

Command: /co i

Core protect gives access to the core inspect wand, in which you use your player hand to right click a spot where something used to be, or exists now, or click on chests to see what was taken/added and when. Type /co i to turn it on, and /co i again to turn it off. If the spot you click has multiple pages worth of results, you will have the ability to sort through the pages with /co l 2, 3, 4, 5 (the number being the page number). /co l allows you to perform a much more comprehensive lookup. See more information on how to use lookup here:

To bypass the AFK kick timer, you do not need to use any commands. Your donor status will allow you to stay logged in, so long as the server is up.

Accessing colour chat is as easy as typing /colours in game chat. This will pull up a list of the codes you can use to type in different colours and a few different text types. For example: (&c then your text immediately following the code) allows you to type in a red colour

Works the same way as colour signs, simple type &a before your text (for example: “&aTester”)

Works the same way as colour chat and colour signs, this time you need to add your coloured text in a anvil for your tools and anything else that is able to be renamed in a anvil

/hat allows you to place whatever is in your hand on your head as a hat. This one is pretty fun.

/pl3xmap hide and /pl3xMap show allow you to hide or show your player’s icon on the dynamic map.

Give yourself a fancy new nickname by doing /chc tag nick [IGN] [nickname]