Beacoland PVP Event: 2 Team Capture the Flag!

What is Beacoland’s 2 Team Capture the flag?

This event will entail 2 teams battling to the death with the aim of winning by capturing 5 flags or killing the entire enemy team!

The teams will be decided depending on how many people turn up to the event, for example: If 20 players attend we will have a 10 v 10 event! The more people that join the crazier it will be and the teams will be picked at random. If you don’t want to fight you can still attend and show your support for your favourite team!

Depending on how much you all enjoy it, we can have as many games as you all wish! We have prepared a bunch of armour & gear, Keep XP & Keep Inventory will also be turned on so you guys don’t need to worry about a thing, just turn up and have a great time!,


How does it work?

The game will work by dividing all the players into 2 teams; Team Red & Team Blue. You will start on your coloured side (red team starts on red side, blue team starts on blue side). The game will start once the central button has been triggered by a game moderator, once pressed you will hear 3 dings and a firework will launch, the game starts on the firework explosion!

Once the game has started, your objective is to kill every enemy in sight but be careful, you only have 1 life! You die and you’re out, leave your team weaker and more open to a flag attack. Capture the flag and win a point for your team, if a flag is captured the players that haven’t been killed yet will reset on their side, the flag will be returned and the game will be restarted! 5 points (captured flags) wins your team the game.

How do I capture the flags?

To capture the flag, simply retrieve the


When & Where?

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday 10th April, 2021 at 7pm BST (British Summer Time).

The event will be hosted in our Gaming District’s Arena!


What are the prizes?

Winning team wins: 5 diamond blocks each!
Last players alive on the winning team also get a “God” Diamond Sword of their choice (Sharpness or Smite) + 5 addition diamond blocks!


Still don’t understand or have a question?

Comment below or ask on our Discord.

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